Drag and drop menu!<<

whaT I wAnt 2 do itS a Drag ANd dRop menu and i now how but my problem is that i want to have an action on realease.

i will like to put some icons on the left side and in the rigth side i what to put a square where u can realese those icon´s and see the description; in other words when u realease that mc, others starts to play


To do a draggable object you need a button insode a movie clip (at least you did in Flash 5). Place your movie clip instance on the Stage, and edit the Actions attached to the button inside it.

Easiest thing to do now is set the mode to Normal, and click on GotoAndPlay. It’ll automatically come up with a list of check boxes, so all you have to do is cjhoose onRelease() and then write your script.

You don’t need a button inside an mc in Flash MX. Just use the following code on your mc.



Now, if you want it do something when it is inside your “actions” box, you may want to use droptarget.

The intention of droptarget is that you will check if the item being dragged has been dropped on a target mc. If it has, then you can perform the actions, etc…

Hope that helps.