Drag and drop speed

Hi, I was wondering how can i do this:

I have a movie clip which is the “draggable” and the “target”
when i dragg “draggable” to “target” it snapps to it and when “draggable” doesn’t touch "target it goes back to its original position but now
what i want is the same but when “draggable” goes back to its original position I want it to go at a certain speed something like in this

(the swfs where taken somewhere in the forum they aren’t mine)

the code I have is:
iniX =getProperty(this,_x);
iniY =getProperty(this,_y);

on (press) {

on (release) {
if (this._droptarget == “/one”) {
setProperty(this, _x, _root.one._x);
setProperty(this, _y, _root.one._y);
} else if (this._droptarget == “/two”) {
setProperty(this, _x, _root.two._x);
setProperty(this, _y, _root.two._y);
} else {
setProperty(this, _x, iniX);
setProperty(this, _y, iniY);
help is greately appreciated
Thanks :slight_smile: :beam: :slight_smile: