Drag & Drop - Depth Challenge

I wonder if someone could help me. I am building a drag & drop question using the Quiz Component that comes as part of Flash MX 2004 Professional.

My problem is that 1 have 3 images therefore 3 targets yet 2 need to be on top of each other, as items need to be placed on top of each other in the correct order.

I need to be able to click item 1 and drag over to target 1, then when released force that depth of item 1 to the bottom. Next click item 2, well this doesn’t really matter because it is a larger area and is lower down so not a problem, but the last item 3 needs to be able to see target 3, which would normally be under target 1.

The dragable movie clips are called Drag1, Drag2 & Drag 3 and the target movie clips are called Target1, Target2 & Target3. All of these movie clips are contained within one movie clip called DragDrop on the main timeline.

I pray to the Gurus of ActionScript to see if this can be done, any example or quidance would be much appreciated.

I have an example which can be found at [color=#22229c]www.iglooweb.co.uk/test/test.zip[/color] I have abit of AS on the drag button to colour the target area so that I know I am addressing the correct target but the AS to getNextHighestDepth(); does not seem to be working. I have also tried swapping depths, that doesn’t seem to work properly either.

Please help.