Drag i duplicated MC outside a mask

In FlasMX

I have a MC inside a Masked area, when i click it i want to duplicate it and drag it out side the mask!

My code works exept the MC is still inside the masked area!!

Heres a bonus question: Why cant i remove the MC with removeMovieClip… the duplicated-MC is inside another MC…


you’re going to have to show some code and explain (if not evident in the code) how you are masking

otherwise post an example fla of what you are trying to accomplish


I attach the FLA file in a ZIP file! :slight_smile:

Hope anyone can help!

  1. duplicated movieclips are duplicated within the same movieclip which the original exists. If THAT movieclip is masked (the movieclip holding the movieclip and its duplicates, then everyone of those duplicates, because withIN that movieclip will be masked as long as that holding movieclip is. If it were only the movieclip you were duplicating that was masked, then none of the duplicates would be masked upon duplication. To get around this you can use attachMovie instead of duplicateMovieClip and attach an instance of that movieclip from the library into a new scope, like in your case, I would assume _root.

  2. your removeMovieClip isnt working becuse there is no icon1

I’ll use the attachMovie :slight_smile:

Everythings works!

Have a nice Weekend