Drag n' drop problems (script inside)

[font=Arial]Hi all!

I have a problem with my drageable object when the users drag the object outside the limit of the Flash stage in a HTML page. It seem like it lose it’s _.x and ._y coordonates. It will followed the cursor when it returns to the stage but it can be drop anywhere on the stage after that.

Anybody have a solution to how I could detect when the piece is going outside the stage and make it return to its original place?

Here’s the script on my object :

on (press) {
this.startX = this._x;
this.startY = this._y;
on (release) {
if (getProperty("/b", _droptarget) eq “/b1”) {
this._x = eval(this._droptarget)._x+0;
this._y = eval(this._droptarget)._y;
} else {
this._x = this.startX;
this._y = this.startY;

Here’s the Flash movie in question : [/font][font=Tahoma][color=#004477]Drag Drop Flash Movie[/color][/font]

[font=Arial]Do you have a better way to script an drag n’ drop object that doesnt need absolute positioning?

Eric Lanteigne [/font]