Draggable menu tut question

if i wanted to recreate that tut but move everything along the y axis instead of the x, would i have to do anything more than change the x’s to y’s. because I tried that and it wouldn’t work. I had it working along the x. but when i tried to change them to y’s it stopped.

i didn’t really look at it. You are going to have to do a little more than that, but it shouldn’t be much. I have too many papers to write at the moment, however when I get a break I’ll take another look at that tut, and give you an answer, unless Pom 0] shows up first and gives you his guidance.

Well, you’ll have to adjust a little bit more than that, since I used the _width property more than once. You’ll also have to change in into _height. But I doubt it will work just like that…
What can I say ? If you had ** understood** the tutorial, you shouldn’t have troubles, which can mean only two things : you didn’t study it long enough, or I didn’t do my job correctly. :lol:
Anyway, if you really can’t pull this out, post back, I’ll try to help you.

pom 0]