Draggable window (not the one offered...)

hehey, anibodi can help me on making like this window thing in flash? n like u can pull it about… like the music thingi on http://vts330.tripod.com or the same… music thingi on http://www.xeofreestyle.com/2000
thx alot…:-\

ohoh, n how to do an animation when ‘mousedown’ for ur created ‘cursor’ featured in that global mouse cursor tutorial

It looks like a transparent draggable Movie Clip.

1 Movie Clip (draw an object on the stage, select it, press f8, choose movie clip, done)


  1. Double click to edit in place.

  2. Add new layer

  3. Click once on keyframe and press Ctrl+Alt+C to copy frame

  4. Select first frame of new layer and press Ctrl+Alt+V to paste frame.

  5. With the keyframe still selected press f8 and choose button.

  6. Double click on graphic to edit in place.

  7. Click once on up keyframe then hold and drag this frame to hit.

  8. Double click outside button until you’re back to the movieclip and you should have an “invisible” transparent blue button

  9. Click once to highlight the button then press Ctrl+Alt+A to select Actions panel

  10. Copy (Ctrl+C) the code between the // and paste (Ctrl+V) it into the Actions panel

on (press) {
on (release) {

And that’s it.

hey, thx dude! i’ll try it outTttTt~ :stuck_out_tongue: eHm abt how to do an animation when ‘mousedown’ for ur created ‘cursor’ featured in that global mouse cursor tutorial, can sum1 helpppP?

Can you rephrase that question please? :stuck_out_tongue:

ehM kinda like edwin’s websitee:vts330.tripod.com where the pencil does that tinting, alpha n scaling tweening when on mousedown. i need help on what’s the code n stuff dat goes behind it :bandit:

He wrote a tutorial. Check them, it’s something called rollover something.

pom :asian: