Dragging multiple objects?

I’m making a draggable “window” type thing, and I want it to only drag when you press on the frame of it. the window frame (a .jpg) moves when I add the startdrag() function, but the text I put over it stays in place, is there a way to make the window AND the text move as well as any other object I want to when I press the window?

Unfortunately, the startdrag() function only works on one object. There ARE however ways to write your OWN function to drag things. I don’t have flash in front of me but if you search “dragging” on these forums you’ll probably find more than a few.

The other option you can do is to put all the things you want to drag into one movie clip. Then you can use the startdrag(); function on that one movie clip. :wink:

Thanks for the help anyway. :slight_smile:

Also, can I change the hand cursor when I apply the “on (press)” function to make it display a regular pointer cursor?

Sure! It’s all right here:


Okay, okay, here’s a couple of leads.

If you want to draw your own cursor:

here is how to disable the little hand but still have your button clickable: