Try to visualize this as I describe it. I created a movie clip that is to be dragged. The only reason for dragging this movie clip is so that I can get the ._y value and round it off using the int code. I set this “y” value as the keyframe number of my animation on my stage. As the mouse moves up and down, the animation jumps to the corresponging keyframe thus creating the effect that if your mouse moves down, the animation plays, if it moves back up, it plays the animation backwards. I’m sure this makes sense. What I want to do next is limit where the movie clip can be dragged. The reason for this is simple, if the viewer is not over my menu, I dont want the animation to play. However, when I try to limit where the movie clip can be dragged, I encountered a couple problems. The movie clip isn’t dragged to the right of the screen, but the animation still plays when the mouse moves up and down, even when it’s outside the parameters!!! the he heck!