Dragon illustration similar to referenced image ! 2 small

Hi all.

I train with the dragons gym, Muay Thai, and will be designing and developing the site for them. Also the new logo.

Due to the name it seems feasable to use a dragon, it’s just a case of getting the right look and feel for it. After searching the internet for some inspirational material I did find something I really liked, however the referenced size is so poor I cannot do much with it.

This is the kind of approach I had in mind, if not for the logo, most certainly for part of the page design. It would just look so cool.

I guess what I am asking is does anyone know where I can get some useful references from aside the google and yahoo image search…?

Have a look at the attached small reference to a site that no longer exists anymore. And see what you think?

I would really appreciate any guidance, advice and direction.

Many many thanks in advance.

Trevor Saint