Draw an iceberg!

Draw an iceberg and see how it floats: https://joshdata.me/iceberger.html

I drew a catberg!

Draw + physics… The concept never gets old


The titanicberg is sinkable, I guess.


I first tried an elaborate continuous line drawing for fun. Though never got to see if my creation would be buoyant or not as it never dropped and ended up with this. So that was time lost :—)

So then I drew a rudimentary submarine and it faired much better. Although my periscope is a bit extended. So I think the Escorteur’s will see me and I will again not fair too well in the end.

Wonder what makes this lady so buoyant? :thinking:

I see someone is already trying to “take it up a notch and go nuts — George Costanza"

I tried to draw it too, but I drew it truly horrible so I am hesitating little to share it.

it also happend with me in 3D whenever i try to make an ice maker with help of this generator it wont me use it…