Does anybody know how to create a drawing program in either flash 5 or director 8.5 or where I ca get a good tutorial.
You know the type which you select a brush click and drag the dursor over an area and then it paints the selected colour etc.


I know a couple of our masters were working on this idea. Hopfuly they will see this post this time around.

I made something like that before…let me refresh the idea and make the script easily configurable!

Well, I made that with the inertia.swf from Flash Masta Dan (I totally ripped off your fla, I hope you won’t mind) to make this. Is that the kind of thing you’re talking about ?? Check out the link here :



By the way, how do you all include swf in your messages (except as footers) ?

I forgot to tell you : click on the circle and then click to paint and don’t click to, well, not paint. About the color thing, it must not be very difficult to handle with the setcolor tutorial by Kirupa. I feel bad about telling you that I can send you the fla if you want to since I would never have been able to do it alone, but hell I do it anyway.


Why not make tutorial out of this ? I’d love to try and make it, if you don’t mind. Moreover it deals with several of your former tutorials, so it could me some “Advanced” tutorial ?? What do you think, Kirupa ???


If you wouldn’t mind ilyaslamasse…I have been working on a tutorial for it and have the files almost all ready to post on the tutorials list…thanks so much for asking first but I am sure we have many other tutorials that are needed! And it would probably be best if I made the tutorial because its my script so I know how to break it down to explain and even make the script an easy function!

Arghh… You got me, Austin Powers, but I’ll come back with another tutorial. HA ha ah aha ha.

Pr Evil. Or was it Dr Evil ? Can’t remember.

Thank you all :slight_smile: