Drawing API on movie clip

Im a total newbie to flash and flash MX, I looked at the tutorial on this site for the drawying board in Flash MX (http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/drawingboard.asp)

Well, it works fine, but, lets say if i Create a new Movie Clip Symbol and put the code on the first frame of that movie clip, and then drag the movie clip onto the MAIN scene…when I do that, nothing happens.

The reason im doing this is b/c I only want it to draw in a certain section, like a small square, and with the original code it draws on the whole screen.

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you could set bounds for the drawing [which i don’t know how to do] or you could save your drawing movie and insert it as a movieclip into another flash movie. so you would insert it with a mask over it and format it into your interface and then viola you have your drawing interface that can only be drawn on in a certain area.

hope this helps

if you require more specific assistance … maybe post your source :slight_smile:

well the code is same as http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/drawingboard.asp)

just wondering how to do it in a seperate

donest doing it in a seperate movie limit it to the space it can draw on?

Restraining the mouse is difficult. Hide the strokes is easier. With a mask, for instance, on top of everything.

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