Drawing bezier curves in Actionscript

Hello mates ,

i’m in front of a difficult task. I need to create an animation drawing a logo, the logo is the letter B handdrawn, in the old fashion “elegant” style.

the animation is 6 little circles next to each other following a trajectory (the B shape) and leaving a trace of their path behind them, thus drawing the logo.

obviously, if i could get one of these circles to do it, i can make the 5 others to do it also. so let’s do one first :wink:

through investigating a bit on the internet, i found out that it 's possible to draw almost anything curby via bezier curves.

Problem is, if i want an object to follow that bezier curve , i guess i have to store all dots values of the bezier curve in an array and have the circle MC go from one position to the other. Or is there another way ?

Any idea how to do that ?