Drawing spirals in flash

Hi there guys,

just wondering if anyone has ever had any luck drawing spirals in flash?
ive had a stab at it a few times, but it always results in a pretty ‘boring’ looking spiral…
this is the code i’ve been workin on:

my._x = Math.sin( this.currentTime ) * this.spiralRingSpacing
my._y = Math.cos( this.currentTime ) * this.spiralRingSpacing

where this.currentTime = an incrementer
and this.spiralRingSpacing = a integer

I was hoping to get one that had more control. with a formula I could use to change the ‘weight’ of the inside and outside of the spiral…

I’ve done a fair bit of searching on the web with very few results… is there a math dude out there who could help out?

Cheers !