Drawing variables from text files and flash 8

Im creating a random generator for me and my rp buddies and i need some help. I want it to load the random names, letters, places from text files. So when i want to edit the names or whatever i can just edit the variables in the text file stead of going to a pc with flash on it and editing it there.

lets say i have something like this in a text file.

Random names.txt

v1= josh
v2= steve
v3= hogan
ect ect.

I was thinking i could just incriment the numbers while keeping the letter value and random ly draw them by randomzing the increment through flash. I dont know exactly this would play out but I hope this helps you help me.

I wanted it to be something like:

lets say, one text file has names of places… and another has all the attributes of that, and another has the segway between them. Like vally of the fallen. vally being the name, of the being the segway and fallen being the attribute. all those in different text files but i can bring them together randomly using the increment system i said erlier. I hope this makes sense.:azn: And thanks in advance to anyone who posts