DREADED Shopping Carts

First off let me start by saying a big my bad!
im not sure where this topic would go so im depending on one of the mods to help me out in this regard :huh: lol

so anyways, my ? is,

i have a customer that DEFINITELY wants a shopping cart done. you pick a couple of options and when done, hit buy and proceed to check out, etc…

thing is i know NOTHING about this. I’ve always ran from these shopping cart headaches like the plague lol. like anything else, i’m sure it can be hand made and or i guess i could subscribe to a service but my ? is whats easier, and whats safer? mind you i know NOTHING of code but though im sure i can find a BUNCH of tuts…i want something that works…dont trust myself with these types of projects…

can anyone point me in the right direction? can anyone recommend a service you have used in the past or ANY help is def appreciated.

i’m SO lost… long story short, i got recommended via word of mouth and so i’m supposed to meet this lady tomorrow so she can tell me the details but i found out b4 hand that it has to have shopping cart functionality…so i’m not gonna now say no i’m not coming lol…but i also don’t wanna go in there with nothing.

lolz…any ideas?
any help is DEF appreciated.