Dream Interpretation anyone?

My wife just had one of the creepiest dreams I’ve ever heard. She couldn’t give me a complete rundown cause she was so freaked out but it was enough to make her jump out of bed and come out in the front room.

The dreams started off with her walking out of the bedroom into the living room, where I was lying on the couch asleep. There was a swimming pool in the middle of the living room in front of the couch. She got into the swimming pool and I guess she said it felt like she was naked. Then out of nowhere this kid/old man thing(had the size and persona of a kid but the wrinkles, balding head, shaggy hair, etc and grumpy[almost vulgar] attitude of an old man) comes into the living room from the kitchen and starts saying stuff like "You need to put some clothes on you slt" and other derogatory stuff. From there the dream went back to her walking out of the bedroom again(no pool in the living room this time) and all the lights except for those in the kitchen were off. In the dark she saw a figure running into the kitchen so she chased it and saw it sneaking out through the vent in the kitchen(the one just above the stove used for venting the kitchen while cooking). She pulled on its leg and it fell out. From there the dream switched to us sitting in the dining room with our daughter(6mo now) and i was calling the police 'cause the thing kept sneaking in and out of our apt through the vents while we were sleeping or not paying attention. When the police showed up she said it was like the kid/old man thing was nowhere to be seen. After that the dream just gets kind of scattered in her head but she remembers lots of little scenes like everywhere we went the kid/old man thing was there, kind of mocking us and making vulgar remarks to her. Pretending to be a lady’s kid at our old apartment complex while walking by, etc… Anywho, she says we ended up trying to kick the sh** out of the thing and the whole time it was still mocking us and making those vulgar, obscene remarks to her(calling her slt, wh*re, telling her that he’s been watching her, as in spying on us in our apt)

Anywho, yea thats what i remember right now.

Do you guys know what a dream like that would mean? It’s really got us both freaked out a bit.