DreamWeaver Oooops. Need a crebrum for help with this

I have taken the site I am building and placed it onto the web, to my surprise my free server supported everything needed. (Dreamweaver) But heres the problem. I did something and don’t know what. It used to werk like this;

You would go to my site, it would take 20 seconds to load, at most 23. Now it takes the same amount of time to load but heres the broken part; Now everytime you go to a news page from my site THEN RETURN through the back button, the entire site reloads once again. It used to just go right back and I am assuming it was picking up a cached copy, with no new reload. But now everytime you leave the index page and then hit the back button it reloads. Can anyone shed some knowledge on what the problem might be? I am pretty frusutrated with this…I have tried republishing with both Coldfusion and ASP w/javascript, both with no luck. I also took the individual components of the website and rebuilt the entire thing from scratch on a new page. But still…



Good luck man… sounds like a dynamic page issue. I just don’t know Cold Fussion or ASP enough to give you any advice.

Do you know of a script that wpuld prevent my page from being reloaded, a script that would force the users computer to run on cache?? There has to be one, right??