:::DreamWeaver: Part 2::::Not hard but not happening either

I made 5 library items in dramweaver. They are as follows:

top banner
left panel
right panel
copyrighted information

They I created layouts in the page and inserted the library items where I wanted them. I copy pasted the article that I typed up. After everything was done, I went into the html code and tried to change “Title” of the page but for some reason if I choose anything other than “Untitled” everything dissappears except for the banner but nothing is gone. Basically, I can’t edit because I can’t see anything but if I hit F12 then everything is there including the new title that I entered. When i go back to “untitled” then I can see everything offline. I am editing “About Us” Page and I know that I only need to edit it one time but still, I would like anyone to tell me how i can fix this problem.

I can try to add the title before I begin next time but can anyone tell me why it is doing like that and if there is a way to fix this. Thanks.

Okay I noticed another thing. I exited out of dreamweaver and I didn’t changed the title of the page. When I went back to dreamweaver and clicked on the “aboutus” page to edit, I couldn’t see anything except for the banner. When i hit F12 I could see all the content was on the page so nothing got deleted but HOW COME I CAN"T SEE ANYTHING? (not yellin’)

Thanks so much in advance for your help.

could you zip it up and post it so i can have a look at it??

I honestly dont understand your problem you could just change the title of the page on the modify page settigs tab

I am only putting the webpages here.