Dreamweaver question - ummm...dont shoot me for posting here

Need some help with the onload event in dreamweaver.

Each time someone goes to my index page - i pop a window, kinda like an ad. This can be annoying as each time they hit the “home” button, the ad shows up again.

is there a way to make the ad pop just once unless a new browser window opens?


Not that I know of! Sorry.


Im not 100% sure cause im not sure what language your using and im not sure what the code is…but you should be able to somehow put a counter on…like have it only pop up once every 10 mins or something…but heck…why have a banner-ad thats not annoying? thats what they are there for right? :wink:

found it.


Hi, I do not know the code myself but maybe this will send you in the right direction. I know this can be done by either the use of cookies in which you could store a cookie to the visitors HD & this popup will never come up again based on that cookie being present. Just a suggestion that may send you in the right direction.
Good luck.