Dripping Effect

I am attempting to create a dripping effect (Blood). I did do a search on the forum and locate the following thread.


From what I read, I did the following.

Created a Movie Clip . In the Clip I had a shape tween of the dripping effect. Stopping ( stop(); ) the drip on frame 30.

I dragged an instance of the clip on the stage and gave an instance name of “drip_mc”.

I wanted the blood to look as it was dripping/streaming down a “wall.”

The only script that came to mind…

for (i=0; i<200; i++) {
duplicateMovieClip(“drip_mc”, “drip”+i+"_mc", i);

I know there is much missing. It is a start. I do get the clip to duplicate but I am having trouble getting the duplications to go down the y axis to form a line. Right now it just layers (one on top of other).

Any Ideas or suggestions?

I am really trying to accomplish what I seen in the “Mr.Clean” effect in the thread link I posted above.

Appreciate any input.