Drop and Drag (Isometric)

Hey people
I really need help with something
Im making a game and im trying to make a drop and drag thing on it
The game im making is Isomectric
and i need help with making a
mc eg: a chair
drop onto another movieclip whch is the floor (tile)
and having the floor tile as the target.

Any help please :smiley:

well, you wouldnt want to attach it to the tile itself, but to the timeline the tile is attached (unless you keep your tiles seperate which isnt a bad idea) - but you would want a chair to be on top of the tile.

So basically, you’d just need to attach the chair kind of like you attached your tiles. For a little more help you can check out the isometric tutorials here - they’re not fully complete (I need to get back to them) but I think dragging isometrically is covered. If not, I know I have a drag-snap example at http://www.senocular.com (mx source)