Drop down menu external swf link

I used the drop down style roll over menus from the kirupa tutorial on the latest site im working on. All the buttons load external swfs fine except for the one with the drop down menu. My theory is the invis button is blocking the user from pressing it, could this be possible? Here’s the files, im trying to get the link under the “training” menu “puppy head start” to work, thanks for the help guys im stumped.

another theory of mine is that since its a MC with buttons embedded it might not recongize the container movie clip?



Try to address everything from the _root timeline.

On your dropdown buttons, put something like:
loadMovie(“puppystart.swf”, _root.clipHolder);
Do you get any errors in the output window?

Carixpig, that code seems to work if i put the button layer on top, however the rollout script on the invis button to de-activate the drop down stops workin. The drop down remains open after I click the link. im assuming this is an issue with the invis button, any help?

is there anyway to put the code for the buttons on the action timeline?

On the _root timeline, you mean? It is certainly possible, you would do something like

buttonName.onRelease = function(){
//Do stuff

Layered buttons don’t work, you can only have one button active in the same location at any time. What action is on the invisible button? Try putting that action on each of your menu items and deleting the nvisible button.