Drop-down menu help

Hi all.I’m trying to make my first webpage in flash, but I’m running into some issues that I can’t figure out at the moment. This is the movie, http://www.4jem.net/pop-downmenu.swf
(dont mind the pictures I have to edit them still)

  1. click on any red buttom and you’ll see the submenu,
    they all have the same categories now, sales kit,direct mail,advertising,tradeshow and website.
    Now if I change any of them on any buttom, they all changed, And I want to be able to change them acording to each content of the buttom.

  2. the red buttom, I have to replace it with the right one for each thumb, home,services etc. But If I replace one, all of them change as well. I want to be able to edit each one individuality.

I can provide the .fla if someone want to take a look.

thanx in advance