Drop Down menu navigation problem

I have this scene which is the default scene renamed as “Main”

On this scene I wanna have something like a drop down menu for navigation purposes.

To create the drop down menu, I created it using a movie clip symbol like some online tutorials suggested.

Inside this movie clip I used several button symbols to create the clickable selections for the drop down menu.

so I have

Option A
Sub option 1

Sub Option 2

where sub option 1 and 2 are button instances in the movie clip.

I choose the instance of sub option 1 and did the gotoAndPlay action script, which tells the movie to play out the “Main” scene starting at the particular frame label.

on (release) {
gotoAndPlay(“Main”, “framelabel”);

However it doesn’t work. It simply doesn’t go to the frame that I wanted it to go to.

Please help me… Thanks