Drop down menu

hiya gurus, should be a simple question but lend me some cells, my neuro organ is fried workin on solo on a project the past few weeks. :frowning:

i’m trying to make a drop down menu with all em tiny buttons that reacts on rollover. The drop down menu itself is actually a button and i’m using a button because of the it’s quirky, edgy shape.
Here’s the problem, rolling over the content buttons, hides my dropmenu since rolling over them is a rollout event for my dropmenu button which hides itself on rollout. Any suggestions to keep the dropmenu alive while the mouse is over the content buttons and to keep it from zipping out when i rollout from the contents to the dropmenu which reads it as a rollover.
Should i just screw the design, make a rectangle movieclip for the drop menu and use mouse coordinates to check for rollovers? I can’t think anymore, ahhhhh… :x

Please assist, many thanks.

how about … make your existing menu a movieclip, have it expand on a rollover of the top button, and retract with an onClipEvent:

retract actions…

the “true” part means to evaluate the actual shape of the movie rather than just the bounding rectangle. keep in mind that the hit area for a button can be different than the button, and invisible shapes in the movie will count as a hit too.

enough to jumpstart the neuro organ?


This may be off topic, but I’m currently working on a drop-down menu tutorial that will use some mild actionscripting to work properly. I hope to have it up by this weekend :slight_smile:

PS: Wesley, are you a moderator on the madonion.com forums? The name sounds familiar.


Awsome…**** you AS gods!..i the lonely artist is forced to rely on tweening for drop down menues runs and hides

yes, but your artistic skills far outweight most of our programing skills. :wink:

lol thanx :slight_smile: still need work on AS though.

HAHAHAHAH OMG!!! UPUAUT!!! u have 666 posts!! HAHAHAA

Yup that was nuff to jump start the neuro organ. Thanks suprabeener, the hitTest tip sure helped.
Kirupa, nope, i’m not a moderator with madonion. Hope to finish the site fast, i’ll be sure to acknowledge you fellas for the precious assistance. :slight_smile: