Drop menu


Well, I am very new to actionscripting and appreciate alot if some one
would like to help.

I am trying to make a drop down menu, and trying to make
it as clean as possible with actionscript.

Anyways, I am trying to solve it with “if” action.

this is how it is now:

on (rollOver){
tellTarget (this.drop1.drop2)
//Here I have the problem, I would like to add if in movieclip a specific frame
is loaded then it would activate “play” or “gotoandplay” command.
on (rollOut){
tellTarget (this.drop1.drop2)
//same issue here

I was looking at the ifframeloaded action but seems like it ain’t
going to work under telltarget and also it looks for total frames loaded?

Anyways, thnx in advance for any help.