Dropdown menu, hittest problem

Hi there,

I have built a menu system which has three dropdown menus within it.

At the moment the menus retract when you mouse over a large invisible button that lies in the background. However I am having a problem with them retracting when I press on a button thats within the dropdown. I have been told that I need to use the hittest function. I have looked every where and am having a problem understanding ‘hittest’.

I have completed the tutorial on this site, but can’t understand how to apply it to my menu. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction.

This is something I really need to understand as I have to build a few more flashmenus in the future and most will be incorporating some sort of drop down menus.

If you need me to attach my fla file then I can do so.

Any help much appreceated

James :puzzle: