Dropdown menu in DW mx?

can some1 give me a quick overview on how to make one.

& i need all the items in the menu to be links that led to another web page. thanks

no 1. plz need some help.

There’s no quick answer for this one. Dropdown menus (DHTML javascript) take quite a bit of work to get right.

I’d say, learn the basics of javascript/DHTML and then make your own, or download a free one from somewhere (www.hotscripts.com).

There may be a wizard you can download for dreamweaver, but that will probably cost you and in my experience dreamweaver plugins tend to be a pile of useless functions.

There is a very easy way to do it in fireworks. I cant really explain it right now because im not at my computer and cant look at the program. You open up your html file in fireworks and right click on the button youve sliced or whatever your button is and I think it was “add dropdown menu”. Then you save it and take it back into dreamweaver. Im not sure if this is the exact way to do it, but im absolutely sure that fireworks can do it, ive done it on a site before.

best answer for a drop down is to go to www.dynamicdrive.com and look for your drop down menu. Copy & Paste / follow the directions until you can master DW.


It’s easy in DW.

Insert >> Form >> Jump Menu