Dropdown Menu?

Followed the tutorial on this site and have managed to create my own dropdown menu. The menu items when clicked scroll to the left side of the page and then open the dropdown options.

The question I have is when the dropdown opens I have 5 or 6 menu options. Each dropdown option has txt with a faded red background so it looks somewhat transparent. The problem I have is when I want to add an URL its making it the same URL for each dropdown option. Does each menu dropdown option have to be its own symbol so I can have seperate links?

Ive tried changing the instances from Movieclip to button with no success.

http://www.phrostdesigns.com/develop/roadking3/index.html is the page Im working on (althought the server could possibly be down for maintenance).

Im hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Someone has to be able to answer me a simple question like this?

Very hard to answer as you are not very precice with your question, no code and there is no dropdown menu on that link (your sever is working fine).

Very simple create a movie clip with button inside. These buttons are able open areas in your flash movie as well as other movies or url. The action should look something like this:
on (release) {_root.gotoAndPlay(181);}

This might help:

have a great day!

Sorry if I confused you with the wording. I can figure out all the stuff you mentioned about, I have that working. The problem is when I add “getURL” to one of the buttons it is the same link for each drop down option.