Droptarget game loaded into another swf

I am loading a game swf into a parent swf.
The game swf contains droptarget code on individual movie clips that need to be correctly dragged to target boxes.

  1. This drag/drop code works PERFECTLY when I export this game and everthing in the (if) statement executes.
  2. When this game swf is loaded into the parent swf, the droptarget (if) statement no longer works! The (else) statement actions still work however, because i get the trace output “wrong”, even when I’m dropping the right movie clip in the right target.


GAME SWF (works on its own)
// Code on the movie clip that you are supposed to drag to the correct square.
on (release) {
setProperty(this, _alpha, 100);
if (this._droptarget=="/target1") {
do actions and trace "correct"
} else {
do actions and trace "wrong"

//Code in the empty movie clip
this.onEnterFrame = function(){

thanks in advance for any clues!!!