Drum Sequencer in Flash?

I’m hoping to create a basic drum sequencer in flash, but could do with a bit of a steer on the best way to achieve the it … :-/
Basically my thoughts were that you would have a list of movieclips (i.e. bass drum, snare, hi-hat, cymbal, etc.) that could be dragged to a grid 16 columns wide (i.e the equivalent of a 4/4 bar of music) and however many rows deep, I decide to allow for tracks (i.e. a snare). The subsequent ‘grid’ is a movie clip with a playhead clip attached that indicates at which point playback is along the grid (each square relates to a frame [or possibly frames] within the grid clip. When the playhead reaches a populated square it plays the sound that was dragged there. I have no idea how to go about this though! For example
(1) Can the attachsound a/s be used here to assign sounds to a specific frame of the grid mc?
(2) Can these be done via a drag and drop
(3) presumably an array is a good way of managing what sound has been assigned to what square of the grid?

Any suggestions/help welcome. I’ll post a visual representation if none of the above makes sense!