Drwaing board to image file

Hi all!

I’ve made a drawing board in Flash MX and I want to create an image file after finished drawing(save image).
Is there a way to get the RGB values for each pixel of the board and then send them to a “binary code” file to create the .jpg?

Excuse my english. I’m a 23yrs old greek web designer.
New to AS too…

Thank you all in advance.


I’ve already read your old post, ahmed, and you are the one that gave me the idea to use arrays to get the binaries.
When i 1st visited that site I didnt see any AS getting the RGB values.
Only PHP and C++.
The board I made is on a ColdFusion server so I only want the AS to read the RGB values.

I hope that this wasn’t to complicated…
thank you.

well, what I did was basically log _xmouse and _ymouse values in two separate arrays, convert the arrays to strings, and then send them to a php script where they were saved in mySQL. To view the image, I retrieved the coordinates and plotted them using the lineTo and moveTo functions

I guess that this couldn’t work for me because i use different sizes ans shapes of brushes,backgrounds too, so loging the mouse position won’t help.

What I need is to “read” all the pixels of the board (after the draw is done) and translate them to binary.

Thank you for your time.