Dual monitor interaction

I’ve got two flash files that talk with each other, one on a monitor, the other on a projector (or secondary monitor). Activity on the primary monitor are not seen on the secondary.

I currently use the dual monitor settings “Dual” or “horizontal span”, with the secondary flash window sitting off screen so it shows on the projector. Monitor settings change frequently from Dual to clone etc which effect this temporary setup.

I would prefer to use video overlay but this is not available in Flash. A great work around is using a Quicktime movie which is picked up by video overlay but Quicktime only supports up to Flash 5 which doesn’t help with flv.

Is there an alternative to Quicktime or an app that can send a video overlay signal to a secondary monitor with a flash file embedded? Further to this, are there known steps to setup an app that can embed Video (mov, avi/wmv), DVD Video, Powerpoint and Flash that can output an overlay?

(Sorry for the rant! This is my first post.)