Dumb Question - How do I contro lthe parent movie from a loaded movie

I have a movie title layout.swf. I am loading a movie on enter frame called 1.swf. Now when 1.swf gets to a particular frame, I want it to tell layout.swf to lad 2.swf.

How do I do this?


in the main timeline of 1.swf, use:


to refer its parent movieclip… :slight_smile:
then to load 2.swf, use:


Awesome! Thanks so much! That is perfect!
Do you happen to know of any specific tutorial that really explains loading and unloading movies and which one is best for what and just controlling movies from other movies etc…?

That would be awesome… THanks so much!
That was the fastest reply ever!


might be some more, to unload, use a different .swf to load, or just to remove the loaded swf

_root.container = null

Awesome! Thanks so much!

I was looking through those, and realized my problem, I forgot to put quotes around my “swftitle.swf” like that. Thanks again!