Dumb question- new to flash

I have downloaded several .swf but my question is what program can you use to modify the entire .swf file (particulary text effects) for your personal use. I have Swish but you can’t import the entire .swf file (only portions). Any help?? Thanks.

You can’t modify .SWF, you can only modify the .FLA file for your personal use.

for the help

Sorry I couldn’t help more. I was once in the same boat as you, and I have never found a way to edit the .swf file to make it more personalized.

do you know of any sites where I can download .FLAs?? Thanks.


I know a few sites for some .flas. First of all there’s www.kirupa.com . There’s a huge range of tutorials (which are almost better than flas) and some .flas by themselves.

You could also visit www.flashkit.com , www.ultrashock.com or www.actionscript.org .