Duplicate "background"

Hey there!
I’ve made a gradient background image (background.gif) for html use, with the following size (width: 2 height: 1500) - the thing is, that I would like to translate the following html code into flash:

<body background="background.gif">

Which means, that I need to know how to duplicate (using AS) the background MC (background.gif converted to MC) let’s say 50 times, starting with the first MC with a x value of 0, second MC with a x value of 2… and so on!
Hope you got the idea, else take a look at the attached .fla to see what I’m thinking of…

Any help would be nice!

That’s some nice coding - but also a bit hardcore! :ne:
Would I be worng saying that there must be a more simple and less “hardcore” solution to get the desired result!?

But thanks for the reply, I’ll try to see if I can get something out of the little class you wrote! :-\