Duplicate button and get the path

how is it possible to get pathname ja name of pressed button, that has been duplicated form parent button? My problemm is, that i can get only parent name and path, but not the duplicated one!\r\rso i first initialize:\r\rfor int i=0:i<90;i++ (\r duplicatebutton add i to name\r)\r\r****\r\rthen i have a script on each button, that tryes to read button name and with that name get’s parameters from text file:\r\ron (release) (\r loadVariables(this.buttonname, text)\r)\r\r****\r\rso i can get only parent name, not the special button instance. How can i overcome this problem?

On initialize i wrote:\r\rfor (i = 0;i<90;i++) {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp duplicateMovieClip(Button, Button add i, 1000+i);\r}\r\rand then i put those button all to the screen, but want next script on them:\r\ron (release) {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp name = this._name; // not he parent button name!\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _root.loadVariables(name, text);\r}\r\rSo i want to get the name of the duplicated frame. I post this again for to make sure, that someone would understand me better.

You can’t duplicate buttons. But if button is a movie clip, you can get what you want with this[“button”+i]\r\rpom 0]

I did duplicate and all the buttons showed on stage, and worked well, but couldn’t get that name…\r\rHowever, do you mean, i should make movieclip on library on change only button type to movieclip on properties window?\r\rAlso that would mean, tha then should i do "button"actions with clipevent(mouseover)?

However, do you mean, i should make movieclip on library OR change only button type to movieclip on properties window?\r\rOR do movieclip to the libraty and made it button from properties?\r\rAnd one more question: can i write many variables to one text file? is there any separate character for that purpose?\r\r****\r\rtext=There goes the text&\rtext2=But i want many variables, from one file???

Well, I’d simply select the button and F8 it to put it inside a movie clip.\r\rBut I really don’t think that duplicating a movie clip works. After all, ti’s called duplicateMOVIECLIP !! And the first argument of the method is the instance name of the clip to duplicate…\r\rpom 0]