Duplicate css elements in diff css files, overwriting

Ok, let’s hope i can explain this well. I’m working on a page that has a css for it. This page will be placed as an include within a larger frame of a page(which is basically a menu header and a footer). The frame has it’s own css file associated with it that generally applies to included pages. This page has some special formatting needs and so it has it’s own css file. Both files have body, div, html, ul and li formatting. Is there a way i can limit the included pages css to just affect the inluded page. The problem i’m running into is that it’s messing with the header and footer of the main page. I know what elements are causing the problem. It’s the html, body, div, ul and li; they are all given the same properties by the included pages css. When removed the included page gets funky.

Any help is greatly appreciated.