Duplicate movie clip and setInterval

Ok, I have a simple duplicate movie clip for loop, but I want the duplication of the movie clip to be delayed by a setInterval. This is what I have so far:[AS]myNumber = 10;
for (count=0; count<myNumber; count++) {
myClip.duplicateMovieClip(“myClip”+count, count);
this[“myClip”+count].clipText.text = count;
this[“myClip”+count]._x = (this[“myClip”+count]._width+2)*count;

works fine.
How could I add a setInterval to delay that script?

Try this:

delay = 1
duplicateMC = function(){
myClip.duplicateMovieClip("myClip"+count, count);
this["myClip"+count].clipText.text = count;
this["myClip"+count]._x = (this["myClip"+count]._width+2)*count;
if(count==10) clearInterval(dupli);
dupli = setInterval(duplicateMC,delay*1000)