Duplicate movieClip (small) problem

I have a MC on the scene. I want to duplicate it onCLipEvent (load). Doesn’t work. Flash tells me something about a script slowing down my whole computer.\rIf I duplicate it onClipEvent (enterFrame), making so that it duplicates it only once, it works nice and easy. Any ideas why ?\rSimple curiosity, but it’s cooking my noodles.\rpom 0]

i have the problem of it slowing down my computer, but then if I upload it to my website, and check it there it runs fine. i’m not sure why its doing that to me either.

ah, let the duplication master handle this.\r\rok…lemme guess your onClipEvent(load) looks a little like this:\r\rfor (x = 0; x < 10; ++x) {\r//duplication script\r}\r\ram i correct? well, lemme tell you something. when movieclips duplicate themselves, they duplicate their script as well. now the reason why flash is telling you that the script is slowing down your computer is because like i said, duplicates copy their parent’s script. now if the parent’s script was like that above, then their children get this script, then they duplicate using this script and then their children duplicate. this is what’s called an infinite recursion, meaning a loop in script that never ends. now to prevent the children from duplicating themselves as well, you have two options:\r1) put the duplicating script in the frames instead of having it as the object action…\ror\rb) name the instance something (i always use “main”) then edit the script above to look like this:\r\rif (_name == “main”) {\rfor (x = 0; x < 10; ++x) {\r//duplicating script\r}\r}\r\ryour duplicationg script may not be in a for loop necessarily, but the concept is the same. \r\rthere. that should help you.

But of course…\rthanks Thoriphe.\rpom 0]