Duplicated movie property change

I’m trying to work something out, have asked somebody already but thought I’d throw it open to you guys.

I was given this code by ‘Cardjorg’ (thankyou thankyou thankyou)

on (press) {
this.duplicateMovieClip(“cir”+_global.i, _global.i);
on (release, releaseOutside) {

Which works wonderfully in allowing me to duplicate a clip from a selection of images, onto the main stage - there are a couple of changes I hope to make but lack knowledge aswell as sensible underpants.

I wish for the duplicated symbol to loose the ability to duplicate, retain the ability to drag ans gain the ability to be deleted by the user by pressing the DEL key.
Once again incase I’m being confusing, at present the duplicated symbol holds the same properties as the original so if you click it duplicates again - I do not want this I want the duplicated symbol to NOT dupplicate when clicked on, I also want to add the code to allow the movie-viewr to delete the symbol when clicking on it and selecting the DEL key…

This seems to me like a mammoth task but I’ve learnt that what is mammoth to me is often rodent to some of you folk, any help would be greatly appreciated, as well as a little advice on respectable underwear.


(My apologies I was beaten as a child)