duplicateMovieClip: With a Twist!

My goal may not be attainable but I figured I’d ask anyways. I couldn’t find an answer so I’m hoping that you guys do…

Lets say I have the following movieClips


_root.mc1.mc1a has a external JPEG loaded into it. I want to duplicate _root.mc1.mc1a and move it into _root.mc2. It would then be called _root.mc2.mc2a

I can’t use duplicateMovieClip because it would create the duplicated movie clip within the original MovieClip’s parent. I can’t use attachMovie because the content I want to duplicate is dynamic.

Is there any way to either:
[]duplicate the MC the traditional way (with duplicateMovieClip) and move it later
]create a copy of the MC somewhere besides the duplicated MC’s parent?[/LIST]Thanks for your help, guys!