Duplicating a part of a movie clip

I’m currely doing a sort of digital camera simulator.
The user will take photos, and those photos will be part of a movie clip.
How to save the photos he took so I can show em later to him ? The photos will represent part of a movie clip and just part, not the whole MC. So I need a way to copy only part of the movie clip and to duplicate it.

what do you mean “How to save the photos”? are you talking about saving a bit of an images as say a jpeg in an external folder?

Thanks for your replay,
what I want to do is to duplicate a part of a movie clip so I can later show it to the user. In my simulator, the user will takes many photos, and then, when the game ends, he will be shown an album of the photos he took.

i would say, if you have a big movie clip that contains an image, and you want to store a small portion of it like a snapshot - use duplicateMovieClip() to duplicate the whole thing, then attach a movie clip that is just a square that you have exported for actionscript in the library, and scale/position it to the size and location you want the snapshot to be using its _width and _height and _x and _y properties, and then use it as a mask for the image movie clip with setMask();

thats one way but i cant suggest for sure as i dont know exactly what you have set up…

You could use the bitmapdata class to cut a cropped section out of the whole movieclip then store it as a variable, then you could use it later.

Do some investigation into the BitmapData class:http://livedocs.macromedia.com/flash/8/main/00001942.html
This is for Flash 8 though, if you have a different version, i don’t know what to tell you.:slight_smile:

Defective I have been reading the information since 1 hour and I couldn’t figure out a way to cut a cropped section. Can you please help !
Matthewjumps, I’m making a game where the user takes photographies, at the end he will be shown an album containing all the photographies he took. You think it’s possible using your method ? As the user can photograph any part of the photo that I present him with. I mean, there will be issues later to center the specific image he took in the screen.

To make it simple :
how using the BitmapData class could I cut a portion of a movie clip and store it in a variable so I could later show it ?

not if you store the co-ordinates…but if your taking loads of photos it may be a bum to do - do you have flash 8? cause i dont :frowning: sorry i cant help with the bitmapData thing