Duplicating Clips, on click...?


I have been trying to get my website so that, no matter where u click, a “ripple” will appear around the cursor and REMAIN where you originally clicked until the animation has stopped playing. I have tried doing it by having a button that is invisible that is dragged by the cursor, but i do not know how to get the duplicated movie clip to stay where i clicked?

I have just created a simple “ripple” movie clip to be played on click.

I am not very fluent with action script so i don’t really know how to use the duplicate movie clip function, or how to get the duplicated clip to be on the X and Y position of the mouse…

I have seen this effect done in the signiture of one of the members on here, but i don’t recall who it was…

Any help is greatly appreciatted.


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I suck at actionscript too! But try this (paste it into a frame, not a movie clip)…

_root.follower.onMouseDown = function() {
	_root.follower._x = _xmouse;
	_root.follower._y = _ymouse;

Follower = your Movie Clip, so change that to whatever the instance name of your movie clip is.

Hopefully this helps.

Like I said, I am not that good with AS, I just started learning it not too long ago, but I tried that with a square movie clip that I had tweening to a larger size.

It may not be exactly what you wanted, but maybe you can adapt it in some way.

Dude, you hit the nail on the head, thank you so mouch, it works perfectly!


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No problem, glad to be of service =)