Duplicating MC's with loaded images?

So I’m trying to make a tile based game and using xml to import the tile images, so I want to make one MC with the tile in it then duplicate it, but cant seem to find the code to do so. Also, I cant get loadmovie(“image”) to work over a length of time, any help?

don’t bother…

1: try the game forum
2: try recognizing making a game is incredibly hard and usually done by either 1 very clever person, or a bunch of clever people
3: stop being a noob, I’ve lost count of how many people pratically say “make a game for me, so I can take the credit”

erm sorry I’m on my period :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry that flash makes it difficult to to this -__- and this is for the map maker… also since when is asking for one line of script asking someone to make a game for you?