Duplicating multiple movie instances at the same time from a hitTest

hey i’ve been working on this stupid thing for like 2 weeks. I’ve looked at like every forum and tutorial on the internet and i still can’t do it. so… i have this interactive game thing where u can drag around this little movie clip. you start with one and then u can put it in this “duplication machine” and hit the duplicate button and it makes a copy of the movie in the other part of the machine. then you can drag that MC around too. but i cant manage to figure out how to make copies of copies and duplicate like several things at a time. like if i have 5 instances of the same movie in the machine and hit duplicate i want it to make 5 copies of those instances and each copy will go to the current frame of the instance it was copied from. ok hopefully thats not too confusing… please help if you can!