Duplicating text fields in flash 5


I am duplicating Movie Clip which contains input text field.

I am assigning differnt names for the movie clip at the time time of duplictintg it.

When I enter any characters in any text field, it displyas the cursor in all other text fields.

On every moive clip, I have got the clip event as below:

onClipEvent (keyUp) {
targName = this add “.inputField”;
if (Key.getCode() != 9) {
if (Selection.getFocus() eq targName) {
tempVar = Number(this._name.substr(this.length-3, 3))-100;
_level0[“vartxt”+tempVar] = this.inputField;
_root.populateTextFiles(this.id, tempVar, this.textFieldGlbalID);
_root.textFieldStorage[this.storeID] = this.inputField;

I am using Flash 5 for this. Is this problem is because of Key up.

why does it show cursor in other text fields.

thanking you