DVD cover Measurements

can anyone post what the exact size of a DVD cover is so i can make my own

all the DVD’s i have are the cardboard one like goodfellas:)

thank you

i made this as a mok up

the whole cover, including spine is 10 3/4 " by 7 1/4"

thank you

posts about downloading stuff free on kazaa… codecs… and dvd cover measurements…

subtle :wink:

what are you implying? i took a ruler to a dvd cover that i legitly own.

i don’t think he meant you thor

whoops, all those things apply to me too though…:x

if only you could see the look on my face

and see how much i really care :thumb:

lol thor :wink:

chris9902, I don’t really wanna see your face right now, ta :wink:

well here it is


/me has a heart attack :sleep: